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Roof Pressure Cleaning Services
Pressure Cleaning Exterior Surfaces
Pressure Cleaning Commercial Services


Maintaining the exterior of your home is important to its longevity and value and pressure cleaning is the undisputed method to clean your exterior surfaces.  Dirt, mold, mildew and algae build-up cause premature rot and decay of your home’s building materials as well as producing health risks to many.


Whether you’re a homeowner needing to clean the exterior of your home or a business-owner wanting to improve the appearance of their storefront, an experienced pressure cleaning company is likely who you will call.


Pressure cleaning (aka washing or power washing) uses water and detergents to clean.  When these detergents or chemicals are rinsed away by the water, many environmentally-conscious people have wondered where they go and what impact they will have on the environment.  


As your home is being pressure cleaned, the water carrying away the cleaning agents first gets absorbed by your yard -- the yard where you, your children and pets walk and play.  If the detergents being used are not eco-friendly and contain

contain Sodium Hypochlorite (the active ingredient in bleach), it can kill plants and ruin your landscaping.  Obviously, these chemicals are not something you want to enter the water tabel by running down the storm drains as your home or business is cleaned -- nor do we!


TIP OFF:  If the company you’re considering to do your pressure cleaning tells you they’re going to cover your landscaping -- or, worse yet, wet it to protect it -- STOP and CALL US TODAY!  That’s your tip-off that the detergents they’re using are chemicals that are harmful to our environment. 


Today’s environmentally-conscious homeowner demands products and services with green alternatives.  Hydrotech Solutions not only meets those demands, but exceeds them. Our green cleaning solutions not only achieve the amazing results you require, but also allow you to do your part in protecting our environment from further damage.


We do NOT use the common cleaning agents containing sodium hypochlorite (bleach)  that release dangerous chemicals vapors into our atmosphere and leach into the ground causing longcleaning

long-lasting harmful environmental effects. Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions can effectively handle even the toughest and dirtiest jobs and all of our detergents are safe for pets, plants and people. (SEE the FAQ tab for more info.)


In addition to using eco-friendly green detergents, Hydrotech Solutions has invested in state-of-the-art equipment that provides the pressure needed for the job (low or high) and produces very hot water required for removing mold, mildew, grime and other surface pollutants from almost any surface. 


Our pressure cleaning equipment is the best in the industry and we have the training, expertise and experience to use it properly (when not used properly, high-powered power washing equipment can cause serious damage).  We also maintain full insurance coverage in the unlikely event that anything is damaged.  Make sure you ask about insurance before hiring any contractor for any job!


Testimonial on Sidewalk Pressure Cleaning

"Thank you, Clint, for the great job you did cleaning my sidewalk and driveway. As you know, I had done it myself in the past which took me an entire weekend and the end result was streaked.  You completed the entire cleaning in less than 2 hours and it looks fantastic!  I also liked the fact that your company only uses environmentally safe products.  I had no idea many other companies used bleach and now that I've done a little research on it, it's pretty appalling and irresponsible just to save money on the purchase of the solutions they use.  I was also pleasantly surprised at how affordable your rates are.  Thank you again for the great job and it's nice to look out on a clean driveway."

- Deni K. (Lake Forest)

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